Warehouse Sale

Hello bargain hunters, welcome to our warehouse sale!

We are about to move all of our stock to a new warehouse and have decided to do a BIG one-off sale. The less we have to move, the better!

Any sales done in this time will be non-refundable. Feel free to make an offer on anything as we are very negotiable. 

There will be no holds on stock, and delivery will need to be made immediately.

Please contact us to make an inquiry/order.

paige@tilescope.com.au // (07) 3371-5777

Basaltina Nero Lappatto 300x300mm 

21 Boxes (25.2m2) available


Porcelanosa Manhattan Natural 200x1200mm

16 Boxes (18.56m2) available


Porcelanosa Manhattan Cognac 200x1200mm

148.28m2 available


Porcelanosa Samoa Antracite 143x900mm 

14 Boxes (14.42m2) available


Porcelanosa Moy Moka 143x900mm

49 Boxes (49.98m2) available


Porcelanosa Oxford Cognac 143x900mm

28 Boxes (28.84m2)


Porcelanosa Arizona Antracite EXTERNAL 435x659mm

13 Boxes (11.18m2) available


Basaltina Ivory Lappatto 300x600mm

38 Boxes (54.72m2) available


White Matt Rectified 300x600mm

Lot 1 = 36 Boxes (51.84m2) 

Lot 2 = 9 Boxes (12.96m2)


Porcelanosa Samoa Antracite EXTERNAL 435x659mm

48 Boxes (41.28m2) available


Porcelanosa Boston Graphito EXTERNAL 435x659mm

Lot 1 = 51 Boxes (43.86m2) available

Lot 2 = 3 Pallets (154.80m2) available 



7 Boxes (6.02m2) available


Porcelanosa Boston Stone EXTERNAL 435x659mm

LOT 1 = 12 Boxes (10.32m2) SOLD

LOT 2 = 34 Boxes (29.24m2)

LOT 3 = 101 Boxes (86.86m2)


Carrara Matt 600x600mm

5 Boxes (5.4m2) available 


Gotha Bronze Polished 600x600mm

1 Pallet (41.6m2) available


300x600mm available

13 Boxes (14.04m2)


Porcelanosa Pietra Borgogna Arena Lappatto 435x659mm

66 Boxes (56.76m2) available


External Finish

7 Boxes (6.02m2) available


Gotha Platinum Matt 300x600mm

8 Boxes (8.64m2) available


Polished Finish 300x600mm

15 Boxes (16.2m2)


Porcelanosa Arizona Stone 435x659mm

22 Boxes (18.92m2)


Monaco Gris 600x600mm

10 Pallets


Monaco Bianco 600x600mm

1 pallet



Kit Kat Mosaic White Gloss 

8.5 Boxes available

$300 for lot

Porcelanosa Maddison Nacar (white wall tile) 316x900mm

44.46m2 available


Porcelanosa Oxo Line White 316x900mm

39 Boxes (33.15m2) available


Porcelanosa Roma Blanco 316x900mm

33 Boxes (28.05m2) available


Porcelanosa Brunei Blanco 316x900mm

1 Pallet + 42 Boxes (approx. 112m2) available